El Cubano Moving & Storage | FAQ
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Why should I choose El Cubano Moving and Storage movers in Chicago rather than a national company?

National companies are obligated to their stockholders to show certain growth and profit margins. A privately owned company like El Cubano can focus on customer service. We also offer in-home estimates to provide a guaranteed, not to exceed quote.

Do you do commercial moving?

We can move your business as well as your home. If you are moving to new offices, we can move even heavy equipment up to 400 pounds. While we can move office machinery, we cannot move most manufacturing equipment.

Do you carry insurance?

El Cubano is fully licensed, bonded, and insured.

Why is it better that you own your own trucks?

We own and maintain our own fleet of moving trucks. This enables us to take care of your move ourselves rather than passing them off to other carriers. We are not a broker, the pick up and delivery will be handled by our employees and our freight of trucks.

Do you consolidate moves?

Absolutely not. The crew that packs and loads your belongings will be the crew responsible for transport and unloading. This keeps us from having to transfer your belongings to other trucks or storage facilities, rather than consolidating your move with other companies. There means there is less chance of damage, since the load goes directly to your new location.

How did El Cubano get started?

The owner of El Cubano owned several businesses in Cuba, but came to the USA as a refugee. The American Dream is at work with the formation of El Cubano.

Do you do long-distance moves?

Yes, we do long-distance moves. You can count on us to handle the entire move ourselves rather than passing it off to a national mover. Our Chicago moving company will move you across state lines with confidence and skill.

How long does it take to move from Chicago to Los Angeles?

It typically takes 4 business days to get to Los Angeles from Chicago. When making a cross-country move such as this, we work out timetables for between 15 and 20 cities. We will need to plan around road construction, holidays, local event traffic, and weather. You can be assured, though, that we will be the ones who handle your belongings and deliver them to your new home.

Do you offer discounts?

We always offer our customers the best price we can. We do offer you 5 free wardrobe box rentals, and we are proud to provide free boxes to first responders and veterans.

How do you do local moves?

El Cubano provides direct delivery from one place to the other. We do not transfer your items between trucks or to another carrier. We don’t leave your belongings in a warehouse until we can get around to them. We provide moving blankets, wardrobe boxes, packing, unpacking, disassembly and reassembly of your belongings. We are one of the best Chicago moving companies.

Do you offer storage?

We partner with some of the best storage unit companies in Chicago to provide climate controlled storage. We can hold your belongings there as long as you need us to.

Do you offer packing services?

Yes, we will pack your belongings for you. We have training in packing and transporting collectibles and fragile items. Besides the 5 free wardrobe boxes we provide for your move, you can purchase other boxes and packing material

How can we reduce the stress of moving?

There are several things you can do to make your move go more smoothly:

  • Remove all contents from any drawers
  • Pack as many boxes as possible ahead of time
  • Dismount the TV
  • Please mention any fragile items that will need special attention
  • Label your packed boxes
  • Disconnect the washer and dryer
  • You will need to be present and available throughout the move

How far in advance should I book my move?

We usually prefer a one-month lead on your move. If you are moving after the first of the month, we can do it with 2-weeks’ notice. With enough time to plan, we can work around road construction and local traffic problems with such things as sporting events and concerts.

How much of a deposit do I have to make for the move?

We do not require a deposit for local moves in Chicago. For long distance moves, we require 50% when we pick up your belongings and 50% when we deliver. We accept Visa, Discover, and Mastercard.

Call us today to arrange your next move with El Cubano!