El Cubano Moving & Storage | Long Distance Moving
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Long Distance Moving

Long Distance Moving (National)

El Cubano, Chicago moving specialists, will handle your long distance moving needs in the U.S. Most people moving in Chicago want to know that their moving company is dependable and qualified. El Cubano is that and more. We have over 15 years of cumulative experience in moving in Chicago. Our crews will drive to your home or office in company vehicles that are easily identified.


Long Distance Moving Services

Some of the services you can expect from El Cubano are:

  • Packing
  • Dismantle basic furniture
  • Reassemble basic furniture
  • Protect furniture with moving pads
  • Appliance moving
  • Storage


We Do Not Consolidate Moves

Long distance moves may take more than a day to complete. Some moving companies subcontract such moves, offloading your belongings to trucks belonging to other moving companies. This is called a consolidated move, and we don’t do it. If you hire El Cubano, you get El Cubano. The crew that shows up to pack and load your things will be the crew that transports it to your new location. They will unload the truck and reassemble your basic furniture. Moving in this way reduces the amount of handling for your belongings, thereby reducing the chance of breakage.


We Move Everyone

Not every mover will do long distance moves in Chicago. If they are going to pay per diem and hotel bills, they want a huge move to make the trip “worthwhile.” With El Cubano, you are number one. We will handle every aspect of your long distance move, even if you are just moving into a dorm room.

Call El Cubano today for a free estimate. We will take care of your long distance move.